Found the cutest vintage dress with no occasion to wear it? Here’s how (and where) to wear them!

Well, first of all, it depends on how vintage this piece really is. If we are looking at a full-on 50’s dress with an ivory thread where the thrift gods would damn you for altering it….maybe save it for an occasion.

If you are just talking a funky piece from a thrift store, that COULD but from the 70’s or it COULD be from a recently weird season of some department store brand, then our options are much more open.

This blog post is not about these pieces. (But you can check out my other blog posts, such as the one about tips buying clothes at a thrift shop. Or you could find some vintage inspiration from Mad Men’s best outfits.)

If you are the proud new owner of basically any article of clothing that was made more than, like, 30 or 40 years ago, you probably are not wanting to wear it to a concert where you have a 75% chance of it getting drenched in beer and cheese sauce.

Now, when I buy a weird skirt for 3$ from a thirft store that I have no idea if it is vintage or just wacky – I 100% plan on wearing it to a concert or a nightclub once or twice, it getting ruined, and me moving on with my life.

Same reason you only wear your grandmas rings to like, weddings and stuff right?

Then again the fact that my boyfriend recently coined the term “wedding drunk” based on my behavioral patters…maybe I shouldn’t even be taking those old rubies to weddings…

ANYWAYS, fancy new vintage dress, dying to wear it, where can I take her out?

If your social circle has you set up so that you ALWAYS have an excuse to wear a semi-formal dress (charity dinners, galas, fancy theaters, formal dinner parties) well then you have no use for this blog entry, and also, can we be friends?

If you are set up more like myself, where even the fanciest restaurants in town can be attended in nice jeans and a silk blouse, then read on…

  • Showers – Bridal showers or baby showers are a great excuse to dress up in something a little nicer than you usually would. I think most women are with me in that we look forward to these events because of that reason. Also a perfect opportunity for kitten keels and grandmas jewelry. Even if the Facebook invite says “backyard, beers, and oh yea…babies” dress up just a tiny bit – we are welcoming someone new into the universe, hello? See the white dress with some embroidery.
Vintage dress with embroidery floral details
  • Weddings – This one is kind of obvious, but people get really worked up about what to wear to weddings (as they kind of should.) It I again a great excuse to dress up, and with weddings – we kind of get to go all out. Also if you need a photo op for your 50’s inspired look (which obvs you do) weddings have tons of them. Also, your date will probably be in a suit which makes every picture better. See pink floral dress.
Pink floral vintage dress
  • Job interviews – The reason I struggle to find places to wear these outfits sometimes is because they are so conservative that it isn’t even cute…and where is a place you want to be so conservative you aren’t even cute? A new job, that is where! Unless of course I am totally misjudging your line of work, then please skip this step and keep strutting your stuff, babe.
  • Any day, running errands – OK, obviously that pink and blue floral dress you are not going to wear to the grocery store unless you have something to prove or live in a neighborhood I have never visited. But see this printed vintage dress? This is shown with a petticoat, but judging from the material would be a very normal, not poofy at all day dress. Personally, I would modernize it with some leather booties and wear it to brunch (no makeup but lipstick and sunglasses easy hangover look.) But maybe you could do your hair nice, wear it to a PTA meeting and make everyone jealous.
Vintage print dress
  • Birthday parties – Birthdays are another excuse people use to get dressed up. Specifically, I was thinking something like the blue one where it might be a bit too “50’s housewife” but hey, if you make it flatter, and it is YOUR kids birthday, then play the part and dress up to tie the party together – the great party you, super mom, spent hours planning. Or maybe, you, super aunt, attended despite it being at 10 AM on a Sunday (again with the no-makeup but lipstick and horn-rimmed sunglasses look.)
Cute polka dot vintage dress
  • Anywhere you would normally wear a dress, because, SHOES – remember the power of footwear! Yea, if you wear that pink and white dress with a pair of penny loafers, you will look like my well-dressed grandmother. But pair it with a strappy pair of wedges and meeeoooowwwww hello “totally modern-vintage dress I can wear anywhere I can wear a dress and strappy wedges” (pool party, house warming, dinner at the golf course, wine tour, girls night at the restaurant attached to the mall?)

The Bottom Line on Your Vintage Dress

My mom always said it is better to be overdressed than underdressed, and there is NOTHING wrong with being the best-dressed gal at the ball.

Remember, these are just one girl’s thoughts. OBVIOUSLY, if you love something, wear it whenever and however you want. HAVE FUN and don’t let some silly blog dictate your OOTD’s 

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