I grew up in a house with artists! We can’t play any sports to save our lives but we could be creative. My mother sews and quilts big, beautiful blankets. My dad plays guitars and framed his watercolor pieces. My siblings both have their talents in art as well.

Naturally it goes without saying, I grew up receiving many handmade gifts. If my house caught on fire, I’d save my pets, husband and my favorite quilt my mother made. That’s how special handmade gifts are to me!

So I wanted to talk about why they’re so great. I’ll tell you why I love to GIVE handmade gifts just as much as I love receiving them.

1. Handmade gifts are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Many of the things we buy nowadays have a guilt price tag attached to them. For example, when you buy a top made of polyester (it’s so hard to avoid), you know that polyester is terrible for the environment. Buying anything wrapped in plastic- which is nearly everything- can feel like a necessary evil!

These are all “bad” things because of the sheer mass production of them. We simply have SO much plastic and pollutants being produced and discarded.

With handmade gifts, you’re not so likely to throw it away. And the resources it took to make it dwarfs in comparison to something cheaply made and discarded in the billions.

Not only that, so many artisans make efforts to minimize their use of resources and source sustainable materials. Etsy is constantly promoting eco-friendly items and it’s amazing what ideas people come up with to solve wasteful problems.

2. You support art and artists.

When you create art or purchase art from someone, you help to give value to art itself. I’m not really talking about monetary value (but yes, that too). I’m talking about giving appreciation and lifestyle value to it. You want it in your life. It gives the artist validation and more purpose to their craft they love to do.

Artists bring art into the world that cannot be made by anyone else. Every individual brings something that is unique and their own into their art. It cannot be perfectly replicated. I’d hazard a guess that most people want to support artists rather than mega corporations.

Art is creativity and that is the secret sauce to problem solving. We must build a world and communities that places value on art!

Crocheted bear. Crochet make awesome handmade gifts!
A crochet lamb I made for my nephew.

3. Handmade gifts are unmatched in sentimental value.

Handmade gifts are special. It’s like I said, every artist’s work is unique. When you receive something handmade, you’re getting a piece of them! Its their experiences, skills, decisions and style. Whether it’s a quilt made by mom or a handmade yarn bowl I purchased from a crafter from Tennessee, I know they’re beautiful and special. I will grow old with my mother’s quilt. And I know my mom will think of me every time she crochets with her bowl.

How can I express how much I love that? Well, I tried today.

I hope my list today shows you why I am so passionate about being a part of Etsy’s creative handmaker community! I love what I do and love being able to making things other people can enjoy that’s totally unique.

Everything I do with Jaded Local has these three things in mind. I am always asking myself how can I make something sustainable (or even better, recycled!), my own and special!


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