This past weekend, I launched a new product in my Jaded Local etsy shop! They are pure silk women’s accessories upcycled from men’s ties. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done and think the product is special!

I have three big reasons why I love this product.

1. They’re Eco-friendly!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as eco-friendly than recycling. Rather than creating demand for more silk (which is arguably an inherently cruel product) I take something that already exists to remake it. I’ve said it over and over on this blog, fast fashion is absolutely horrendous: for the environment, people (and non-humans) and us.

I love rescuing thrown away clothes to give it new life. It is was Jaded Local is all about- not demanding new material be made in unethical factories that pollute the earth but recreation and appreciation for what we do have. These hair accessories fit our ethos beautifully.

2. Guilt-free Luxury Silk

Silk is sought after and considered a luxury for a reason. It is a delicate material that feels soft. It’s always bright and drapes well. It can even feel sensual and self-indulgent. Just think, ‘silky’ is a commonly used adjective to describe its distinct feel. Silk so often is expensive and can even illicit a feeling of guilt. It’s the price of luxury. So to keep the luxury and remove the guilt, it’s a win-win.

3- So Many Prints

Men’s ties can be so fun because of their wide variety of prints. Silk tends to be slanted which makes its designs even more unique with its criss-crosses, diamonds and abstracts. Sure, there are the masculine prints but even bringing a masculine print to a feminine form is rewarding to me. To me, it creates a beautiful design on its own to mix the masculine and feminine.

Even more cool is the fact that silk is naturally bright and vibrant. So the prints stand out even more with your hair and outfits.

I am so excited about this new product and hope people feel the same way. I hope to share the many benefits of buying upcycled products while not missing anything of a newly made product they find on the shelf at stores. Please visit my shop to see all my new scrunchies, headbands and hair scarves. Also join my email list to stay in the loop of future sales.

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