So I’ve got some feelings about Black Friday.

Mainly, I hate it.

I hate the hyper-consumerism it stokes: the obsession with deals, the dangerous mass crowds, the media attention is gathers and its cruelty to workers.

I also hate that all of the money made on Black Friday, really doesn’t go to the workers. Instead, it only serves to make big corporations bigger.

Seriously, my feelings are that simple when it comes to Black Friday.

So why am I not urging you to boycott it?

I’d rather instead we take the attention of Black Friday and start giving that to the artists, workers and creatives. They work hard: for exposure, to be paid for their work, and to find an audience for their brand. To me, if we could shift from supporting mega corporations to giving artists the purchases they dream of- that’s better than any boycott.

Small businesses, freelancers, artists and creatives: they work hard. Often their small businesses- whether on Etsy or wherever- is their second job. They all share big aspirations, dreams and a desire to share their work.

I know this because I share in all that.

So as a show of support for PEOPLE, I do urge you to think of a few purchases you would have made on Black Friday and search for creatives who’ve already made that or can make it.

Trust me, they’re mostly running amazing sales on Black Friday too!

If you like what I’ve said here today, then check out my shop on Etsy. I sell upcycled jackets and head scarves, recycled fabric shirts, and stickers.

Consider joining my email list as well where you’ll probably hear about my Black Friday sales. Sign up is right below this post!

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