What can I say except a big “thanks!” for visiting Jaded Local!

To introduce myself, I’m Pauline! I’m a nerdy pink hair developer and founder of Jaded Local. People know me as an introverted wife, dry witted friend and focused designer. With Jaded Local I wanted to create something I haven’t been seeing in the sustainability movement: reusing clothes for live another day. You hear it often to reuse, recycle and reduce. My aim is to offer clothing and accessories within this framework.

Every item Jaded Local sells has been thrifted by me. I sew the patches and screen print in my own home after work. So while my items are not 100% handmade, I hope you do feel the same love you find with handmade items. I give my love to every pre-loved item here. I hope you love them too!

With love,


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Via info@getjadedlocal.com with questions or concerns.